Posted by: pjgron | February 21, 2009

Five Things About – Writing

Five Things About – Writing 

I haven’t always wanted to be a writer.  In high school, I took a creative writing course because I thought it would be an easy class to pass the morning until I got out 11:30 AM to go to work.  The “Distributive Education” program that I was in allowed me to attend school half a day and work the other half.  I thought it was great. Just goes to show you that I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.  Here are five things that I love about writing:  

1.      Regardless of whether it’s technical writing for work or writing fiction novels for a future career, it exercises my mind.  It takes me places that I would not normally go.  

2.      I’m able to paint the most vivid mental pictures of places, people, and things that don’t even exist.  

3.      There are very few feelings that can compare when a complete stranger calls you out of the blue and compliments you on what you’ve written. It is especially exciting when they compare your work to a New York Times best seller.  

4.      Writing is so much more fun than sitting in front of the television watching other people’s creations.  I’d rather sit in front of a keyboard creating my own.  

5.      Having your works in print extends your life beyond the grave.  People could potentially be reading your quips of wisdom long after you’re pushing up daisies.  

Even though I work full time and writing is just a serious hobby, my mind is working overtime on new stories, twists, angles, and characters. I have two novels in print, one manuscript on its second draft, and one manuscript outline completed.  I could retire tomorrow and have enough material to work full time for at least five more years.  I love to write.  

Pete Grondin – author of A Lifetime of Deception


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