Posted by: pjgron | July 2, 2009

Five Things About – Publishing a Novel

There are events that cause your body and mind to experience an explosion of positive feelings.  Among them are your wedding, the birth of your children, sex, a well cooked steak, or the taste of your favorite meal.  You might argue with some of these and you may have examples of your own, but you get the picture.  I just experienced a feeling that ranks among these, though not quite as explosive as some.  I just finished proofing my third novel at the printers.  I’ll have copies of A Lifetime of Exposure in my hands in a couple weeks.  So here are five things that I experienced whilef writing and publishing this novel.ALOEFrontCoverFinal

  1. This particular story was a bit difficult to write.  The subject matter is a tough one for some people.
  2. I wanted to make sure it remained a murder mystery and not turn into erotica or low grade porn. 
  3. The cover turned out better than I expected.  I’m glad I took the extra time to make changes at the last minute.
  4. The McKinney Brothers are great protagonists. They have a lot of options left for adventures in the future.
  5. The chill I got seeing the proofs will definitely not measure up to the feeling I know I’m going to get when the final product is delivered, but it was really cool. 

Don’t forget your copy of A Lifetime of Exposure.  It is available now for advance copy purchases.  If you order now, they’ll be in the mail by July 15, 2009.  Visit my website at to read the back cover information about this outstanding story.  You’ll be blown away.

Pete Grondin  Author of A Lifetime of Exposure and A Lifetime of Deception

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