Posted by: pjgron | June 7, 2010

Five Things About Changing A Lifetime of Terror

When your creative juices flow, the words spill out on the page, like paint on a canvas.  The story just feels right.  But sometimes it doesn’t flow like you think it should.  Some obstacles that must be overcome are; not enough plot twists, too many characters, or lack of sensory touch points (like smells, or the heat of a room, or humidity that is so high, you feel like you’re swimming through the air).  With these thoughts in mind, after having completed about half of the first draft, I’m backing up and rewriting A Lifetime of Terror.  Here are five things I plan to do:

  1. Cut back on the number of characters.
  2. Add more adversity to Pat and Joe McK9inney’s lives.
  3. Provide more insight regarding why the bad guys are doing what they are doing.
  4. Add a couple more plot mis-directions.
  5. Add more details that affect the senses of the characters so that you feel like you’re with them, sensing what they sense.

This is a major change but I’m confident it will result in a better reading experience.  I owe it to you to make A Lifetime of Terror the best McKinney Brothers novel yet.

Pete PJ Grondin  –  Author of A Lifetime of Vengeance, A Lifetime of Deception,

and A Lifetime of Exposure



  1. sounds like it will be worth waiting for Pete. In the meantime, I will read book 3. It takes me awhile to read anyway. Good luck. mp

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