Posted by: pjgron | February 5, 2017

Shower With a Friend Day

I picked a good day to get back into blogging. Today, February 5, 2017 is National Shower with a Friend Day. Since my best friend is my wife…

Okay, I digress. My first novel in my new Peden Savage series is called Drug Wars. The protagonist, Peden Savage has a close friend, his former partner at the FBI, Megan Moore. Megan is a beautiful, but very serious woman. She doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, but she did help her old buddy, Peden, get out of what she believed to be a bad marriage. In drugwarswebcopythis  first story, they don’t shower together, but maybe by next year’s National Shower with a Friend Day, who knows.

Drug Wars, by author P. J. Grondin, is set in Historic Savannah, Georgia, and is available from Amazon and most major book store chains. Also available for most eBook readers. Visit P. J. Grondin’s Official Website for more details on getting your very own copy.


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