Posted by: pjgron | February 19, 2017

Happy National Chocolate Mint Day

Happy National Chocolate Mint Day. Or, if you prefer body parts, Happy Lash Day. I think I’m going for the mints.

When I write, if my antagonist is popping a chocolate mint into his mouth, I want the reader to get a sensation of not only the taste of the mint and chocolate, but the texture of the candy as it dissolves in their mouth. But it is, after all, just a piece of candy, so I don’t want to elevate the importance of said mint in relation to the story. There must be a balance between telling the reader about the sensation of eating the mint, and allowing the reader to take a limited description of the mint and form their own response, while enjoying what’s really important in a given passage.

 dsc00489           dsc01580

I get a bit of a thrill when a reader tells me that they formed their very own motion picture in their mind while reading one of my books. My latest release, Drug Wars, is based in Savannah, Georgia, so I’m anxious to hear from readers about their experience.  Could they picture themselves walking through the many public squares in the historic district or passing the fountain in Forsyth Park? Will they smell the aroma from the many restaurants, and feel the warm breeze rustling through the old southern oak trees, and hear the conversations of couples snuggling on benches, as they read the story? Pick up a copy of Drug Wars for yourself. Pop a chocolate mint in your mouth and let me know about your personal experience.

Drug Wars, by author P. J. Grondin, is available from Amazon and most major book store chains. Visit for more details on how to get your very own copy.


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