Posted by: pjgron | February 25, 2017

National Clam Chowder Day and a Book

Today, we have a choice of National Days: National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day or National Clam Chowder Day. Which type of clam chowder is not specified in the holiday’s title, so I guess you can pick your poison – not that clam chowder is poison. I really like New England style clam chowder, so that’s what I am celebrating.

Writing a novel is work. For some authors, it comes easy, which makes it fun work. Ironic to some that “fun” and “work” are in the same sentence. I’m one of those authors who enjoy writing. I find the beginning easy to write, meaning the first fifty to one hundred pages. I also find the end of the book easy to write; again the last fifty to one hundred pages. What I find taxing is the middle section. The reason I find this part difficult because there are numerous subplots in play that must be tracked and addressed before the end of the manuscript. So the middle of the book gets rather…murky. As an author, you have to ensure that the story is not so murky that it is too difficult for the audience to follow. Some just might give up and move on to the next great story.

So give one of my novels a test run. Sit down with a bowl of your favorite chowder and some oyster crackers and crack open a bottle of your favorite regional brew. I think you’ll like the flow of the main plot, as well as those nagging little twists that come with life. I know it will keep you engaged and guessing…Whodunnit.

Drug Wars, by author P. J. Grondin, is available from Amazon and most major book store chains. Visit for more details on how to get your very own copy.


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